My Senior Computer Coach will, from time to time, arrange for classes.

The difference between classes and coaching is that in a class the instructor runs the keyboard and covers a single topic. (Remember, only you touch the keyboard during coaching sessions.)

Classes are $20 per person, payable in advance or at the door. These classes are typically just under an hour.

Attendees will be provided a table for handouts and notes. And there will be handouts! Be sure to bring something to write with (pen, pencil, crayon, etc.).

An attendee is welcome to bring their laptop, which should be fully charged because power connections are limited or non existent.

The cost for the occasional 2-hour class is $40 per student. Two hour classes will include a 15-minute break.

The venue for the class will be announced when it’s scheduled.

Please add your name/email to the mailing list that announces upcoming classes: